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TCP Licensing Consultants has over 50 years combined experience in the transportation industry, and have been assisting businesses obtain their TCP permits from the PUC since 2004

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TCP Permits

Our experienced consultants have helped hundreds of clients throughout California obtain their operating permits.

DMV Pull Notice

Through the EPN, employers of drivers are notified of any convictions, violations, accidents, etc.

Airport Permits

Most airports require all charter party carriers, to have a specific permit to pick up passengers at the terminal


Whether you have one vehicle or a large fleet our trained staff can help you with all your insurance needs.

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Our expert consultants completly understand the PUC licensing process and know the requirements of the various agencies, enabling us to obtain your permit in the shortest time possible.  By entrusting your paperwork with one of our consultants you’ll have the peace of mind of being assisted every step of the way while avoiding potential mistakes and costly delays.